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Script Vault registration number: 015613

The Dragon's Boy

A schoolboy saved not one world but two (and he didn’t even know it)


written by

Geoffrey Alexander


The Dragon's Boy

Chocou Faces The Wrath of the Five-Headed Dragon King                     illustration by  Adam Spizak 





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Log Line

A winged schoolboy who hatched from an egg flees for his life and plunges into The Land of Legend and Mythology where he is flown to a cavern of dragons. In order to rescue his mother and siblings from their lives as mythical beasts he must first escape from being executed as a devil.

Contains no swearing, nudity, sex, drugs or booze but both “Bambi” and ”feel good” moments.

Chocou The Dragon's Boy hatches from an egg except of course his fire and wings come later


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Chocou Faces The Dragon King’s Wrath

INT. THE DRAGON KING'S CAVERN -- DAY The Grey Dragon lands, it nudges Chocou, he slides down from its back. WHITAKER, DOMINIC and FRIEDERICH, wearing a hotchpotch of armour and once fine clothes, seize Chocou. PERCY 'THE BLOND' in his bright red and yellow uniform stands idle. Up ahead is the DRAGON KING, Seven DRAGON QUEENS sit in their stone ‘nests’. Each DRAGON QUEEN has a unique bejewelled rock 'Theatre Box' from which she instructs or berates the King. When the king issues an order, whether by growl, plume or flame, he hears their approval or rejection. The Dragon King's cavern reverberates to the weird songs of innumerable dragons as varied as dogs or birds. Colourful flames from three rows of dragons around the cavern walls provide light. Souvenirs from human victims adorn crannies and pinnacles: jewellery, weapons, armour, crowns, belts, lamps, garments. A waterfall sparkles. The Dark Bulky Dragons control the Colourful Sleek Dragons. The Dragon King's tongue flickers as he glowers, he puffs white smoke, his claws stretch and retract absent mindedly. Snakes and lizards line the path between bubbling pools. Dragons vie to see Chocou, using flame as light. The Dragon King roars, a hush settles. He growls and glares, the last chattering stops, some are still restless. The Dragon King whistles, the dragons freeze. He adopts a royal posture, faces Chocou, snorts white and black smoke simultaneously, roars, and lets out a tongue of flame. Drackiz The Bulltip Dragon Pup, wings outstretched, lands behind Chocou. It "honks" and comes to a halt. Whitaker, Dominic, Friederich and Percy step aside. Chocou, barefoot, stripped to the waist, approaches the Dragon King. Hastened by Drackiz The Pup, Chocou follows the path, snakes hiss. The Dragon King quells the hubbub with a snarl. Chocou slips on the moat bridge, below are the princesses. GAMALIEL (O.S.) Stay there, Chocou. White bearded GAMALIEL, in a once fine outfit, emerges from a natural doorway in the rock by the Dragon King. GAMALIEL (CONT'D) My name is Gamaliel, I translate. The Dragon King stretches forward, snorts, puffs, whines and snarls at Chocou. Queen Slimneck hisses, Queen Fatback 'burps', Queen Scharrip flashes her terrifying claws, the others watch. -o0o-



script excerpt execution scene

Script excerpt
devil scene


The Dragon’s Boy

short metric text

Chocou awakes, tears on his cheeks, wings have burst out his back

He bundles his sheets, wipes himself down and straps his wings tight back.

"Grumpyman" drives the once grand bus, delivers Choc’s class to their school

Kilroy’s execution is announced on the news, a criminal who’s nobody’s fool

His father, initiated, is granted a wish, he asks that his son be exonerated

Chocou and Dellon sneak back to their school to retrieve a knife that was confiscated

Killroy’s gang turns up to snatch Grumpy, they see the boys and give chase

Crowbars, guns! Dart into the bushes, they squeeze through a small dark space

Out they pop in strange parallel worlds, Dellon meets three friendly sprites

They sit in his pockets and help the two boys through many extraordinary plights.


Chocou’s Mum still but a teen met Kilroy the genius "freedom fighter"

Tatiana’s charm, Kilroy’s courage, together they would make the world brighter

Carried away, Kilroy killed. Tatiana left in despair

Joe the young artist heard her heartache, before long they became a good pair.


Gloria feared her brother’s revenge, her wedding-gift bore wonderful magic

Pregnant Tatiana with her three charming children met Kilroy - the outcome was tragic.

Their bodies disappeared, transformed into dragons. They lived in a parallel land

An egg stayed behind. Chocou hatched out. Two nuns lent a parental hand.

Blamed and accused, distraught and confused, Joe became a taciturn recluse

Henceforth "Grumpyman", secretly "van Goeden", ubiquitous his artworks and books.


Lost in The Land Of Legend And Mythology Chocou runs against knights

He snatches a sword, cuts the cords and frees three dragons from nets.

Arrows whizz by as the dragons fly, Chocou meets fourteen princesses

Friendly dragons served dressed-up reptiles to indulge the Dragon King’s excesses.


The Dragon King discovered the reptile trick and caught the entire conspiracy

Chocou returns to retrieve his satchel, guard-dragons catch him immediately.

Dellon, at gunpoint, leads Kilroy’s gang into the Dragon King’s cave.

They stumble upon Choucou, kill the guard just in time "The Dragon’s Boy" to save.

(after many adventures everything is resolved)



script excerpt execution scene   script excerpt execution scene   script excerpt execution scene    
script excerpt execution scene

Script excerpt
execution scene


dragon-like root animation

Chocou and Dellon entered magical worlds



It began long before Chocou came into the world, when Gloria MacDonald introduced her best friend, Tatiana, to her brother, Kilroy.


The two invincible teenagers were going to save the world.

Kilroy shot someone dead, Tatiana, tearful and distraught, stormed out.


She met an artist, Joe Driblock.

Enter Your Own Darkness And Be Your Own Light  

H.E.O.N.O.S Symbol
Have Everything Own Nothing Organise And Share

Tatiana and Kilroy save the world


NINE YEARS LATER Joe and his pregnant wife Tatiana took their three children to visit the mother of their Norwegian au-pair, Solveig.

Kilroy was there.

Kilroy shot Tatiana and her children.

Four dragon-like shapes swept into the stormy sky.

Gloria had given Tatiana a bangle imbued with magical powers.

Tatiana, Joe, Ediva, Felix and Gallagher

Tatiana and Joe with
Ediva, Felix and Gallagher

San Glorianne School Ensign

San Glorianne School Ensign

Al Th Ar Po

All Things Are Possible

The magical powers sent Tatiana and her children to the Land Of Legend And Mythology where they lived as dragons.

Joe became a taciturn recluse, instead of teaching he drove the school bus.
The school gave him rooms. Many believed he murdered his family. The children called him "Grumpyman ". Working under the name Erhart van Goeden he busied himself with writing and art. His lavish books were ubiquitous.

Solveig became a nun and lived with her Portuguese friend Mother Florinda.

Together they brought up a boy who came to them in mysterious circumstances: as Joe knelt in the rain Solveig, panicked and confused, ran to the trees where she met Florinda. They found a huge egg, Tatiana’s unborn child.

It hatched and ‘Chocou Deumovo’ (from the Portuguese for ‘Hatched From An Egg’) became their adopted son.

San Glorianne School Ensign

San Glorianne School Bus

Five Paths a book by the ubiquitous Erhart van Goeden

‘Five Paths’ by the ubiquitous
Erhart van Goeden

Chocou hatched from an egg

Solveig and Mother Florinda found an egg

Annabel the Mother Superior was horrified when she saw Chocou's wings

Annabel the Mother Superior was horrified when she saw Chocou's wings


Tatiana's magic bangle

Gloria's ex-boyfriend “Top-Hat” made
Tatiana's magic bangle

dragon silhouette

Chocou’s Adventure Begins

Fourteen years old, Chocou awoke in tears, wings had burst from his back.

He bandaged them down and went to school in the old bus. At the wheel was Joe ‘Grumpyman’ Driblock. His radio announced that Kilroy MacDonald was to be executed.

That night, after a secret initiation, Kilroy’s father was granted one wish. He asked that his son be exonerated.

Kilroy was declared innocent of all charges.

Joe was livid.

A classmate showed Dellon his exquisite flick-knife, as Dellon held it it was confiscated.

Chocou and Dellon sneaked into their school to retrieve the knife at the same time as Kilroy and his henchmen sneaked in to kidnap the witness to Tatiana’s murder, Joe.

Chased by the gang, Chocou and Dellon plunged into the bushes and emerged in ‘Aurendaria’, The Land Of Legend And Mythology.

Chocou rescued a dragon and met Goldilocks, Tatiana in dragon form.

Dellon returned to the school and, along with Joe, was kidnapped.

Kilroy had made a program that scrambled bank accounts world-wide, he planned to be ‘The Saviour’ by restoring them to normal but the ‘undo’ disc was in Chocou’s satchel.

A dragon played with Chocou, he slipped, fell into the lake and emerged in the school grounds.

Kilroy held the school hostage demanding the disc but Chocou’s satchel was in Aurendaria.

Kilroy threatened Chocou with a gun, Joe ‘Grumpyman’ said, “Chocou, go!”.

Chocou became part-dragon, belched, and vanished in a puff of smoke.

He emerged beside his satchel but also among Bulltip Guard Dragons.

Chocou was taken to the Dragon King’s cavern where he faced the wrath of the dragon king and his wives.

Goldilocks, her children, her dragon friends and fourteen princesses she had rescued over the years were prisoners.

Goblins put Chocou in a cell.

Kilroy pushed a gun into Dellon’s ribs and demanded he lead him and his gang to Chocou.

The school corridor meandered strangely until Dellon found himself in passages deep inside the Dragon King’s cavern.

Joe Grumpyman struck the back of school stage, it opened to reveal the cavern packed with every kind of dragon.

A dragon flew into the hall, gave Grumpyman a kiss and transformed into Ediva, his eldest daughter.

Kilroy’s gun put paid to dragons and goblins but he also shot Princess Vinesse who had been taken along with Goldilocks.

Disgusted, Kilroy’s men threw down their guns and deserted him.

Dellon turned a gun on Kilroy and marched him to the school stage, Chocou followed.

Knights entered the cavern to rescue the captured princesses whom Goldilocks had saved over the past fourteen years.

The knights seized Chocou for freeing their captured dragons and scorching a knight’s face.

Dragons flew through the school hall and added to the mayhem caused by scrambled bank accounts.

Chocou faced execution as a demon.

Kilroy the captive faced Joe Grumpyman, Gloria and the school. He reached for the ‘Undo’ disc but Chocou was gone.

Two friendly dragons, Seaweed and Bonfire, went to rescue Chocou, crossbowmen shot them with the discarded guns.

The opening to the cavern closed up.

Chocou’s classmate Angela found her way into the cavern, revived Seaweed and Bonfire and flew to the castle.

The axe was about to come down when Angela called on the knights to save our world.

Kilroy was cast to his doom by Gloria. He plunged through the mists into the cavern in time to rescue Goldilocks from a Bulltip Guard dragon.

Goldilocks transformed back into Tatiana.

Angela and Chocou led the knights into the school grounds where rioters blamed the school for the mayhem.

Tatiana, wounded, was carried onto the school stage.

Chocou revealed the identity of the wise writer-artist-sculptor van Goeden: Joe.

Tatiana and Joe told Chocou he was their son, Chocou fled to Aurendaria.

Angela followed him.

They watched the knights lead the school to Nandanavana, ‘Paradise City’.

Princess Vinesse was brought back to life by the tears of the Firebird.

The undo disc was retrieved and the accounts restored.

The dragons were transformed into birds. Seaweed and Bonfire purged Kilroy of his murderous ways.

Dellon led Kilroy’s henchmen, he told them, “guns are for sissies,” and, “silence is my only friend”.

Chocou, Dellon and Angela were helped by three sprites, Zapparelli, Liquililly and Quickittytix.

- o0o -

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dragons examples off web

Dragons of every description filled the Dragon King’s cavern

firebird silhouette  border=

Firebird tears brought
Princess Vinesse back to life

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Seaweed meets Dragon's Boy in Aurendaria

Seaweed the friendly dragon tells Chocou to wait       Back to Top

               EXT. AURENDARIA PATH LOLAM -- DAY (LOLM:Land Of Legend And Mythology)

               Quickittytix is on Chocou's shoulder, Solomon Stoat is in 
               his pocket, Chocou sings.

                         I don't care if I live or die, I 
                         don't care if I laugh or cry, I 
                         don't care if the sky falls in, I 
                         don't care if they lock me in the -

               They round a bend, a green dragon's tail flicks to and 
               fro.  Chocou darts into the vergeside bushes.

                         Is it - could that be - do you -


               SEAWEED THE FRIENDLY DRAGON peers round the knoll.  Chocou 
               turns about and finds himself face to face with Seaweed.

               Quickittytix spins and dives into his pocket.  Seaweed 
               rises, he towers over Chocou.  Quickittytix and Solomon 
               Stoat peep out.  Chocou tries to run, Seaweed blocks his 
               escape with his wing.  Chocou tries another route but is 
               stopped by a slender tongue of flame.

               Seaweed's nostrils descend on Chocou, he backs off.

               Seaweed looks at him with each eye in turn and sniffs.

               Chocou, scared, blows a puff of smoke into a nostril.

               Seaweed rears, his claws scratch air above Chocou's head.

               Chocou blows a flame, Quickittytix & Solomon Stoat gawp.

               Chocou strips to the waist and flutters his wings.

               Quickittytix and Stoat look on in amazement and horror.

               Seaweed muzzles up, winks, and paws the ground.
                                     CHOCOU (CONT'D)
                         Do you want me to stay here?

               He points to himself and the ground, Seaweed nods.

               The ground trembles under a distant 'thud'.

               Seaweed flies off.  There is a louder thud, and another.

               Chocou puts on his shirt and blazer.

                                     OMGUINE THE GNOME (O.S.)
                         Hoi!  You there.  In here.

               White-bearded OMGUINE THE GNOME beckons, Chocou runs to 
               his cave.  Where Chocou had stood a giant's foot lands.


Chocou’s classmate Henrietta came to school with crazy hair-art       Back to Top

Hair Art examples off the web
Meerschaum pipe examples off the web

Joe Driblock had a remarkable meerschaum pipe       Back to Top

kilroys getaway car

Kilroy had two stylish getaway cars       Back to Top

Kilroy’s guns examples off web

Kilroy and his gang used automatic rifles, Tatiana gave Joe his handgun       Back to Top

Family tourer examples off the web

Joe and Tatiana drove their children in an old tourer       Back to Top

Family tourer examples off the web

San Glorianne School had a dusty vintage car       Back to Top

San Glorianne school bus

Joe “Grumpyman” drove the San Glorianne school bus       Back to Top

Moustache and beard examples

Kilroy’s father had crazy facial hair art       Back to Top

railway carriage home

"Top-Hat" the 'Loony Monk' (neither monk nor loony) lived in a railway carriage and worked as a gardener for San Glorianne School       Back to Top

Steam Punk examples off the web

Top-Hat's magic created the bangle and exonerated Kilroy       Back to Top

steam train cabs

Top-Hat's steam engine provided San Glorianne School with heat       Back to Top

Top Hat's vintage car reward

Top-Hat bought himself a remarkable vintage car and took children on adventure drives       Back to Top

pennywise logo

Kilroy shot Tatiana, Ediva, Felix and Gallagher outside the Pennywise Supermarket

Kilroyr’s symbol and slogan

H.E.O.N.O.S Symbol

Have Everything Own Nothing Organise And Share

(Enter your own darkness and be your own light)


Joe Grumpyman cut out newspaper stories about Kilroy       Back to Top





First Draft first page:


Dragon Boy icon First Page




This Draft: August 2022

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Written using The Write Brothers Movie Magic Screenwriter


Movie Magic





Cinema exterior advertising Dragon's Boy


Script Vault Registration No: 015613      





Contact: enquiries@flickeringshadow.com          


SEAWEED THE FRIENDLY DRAGON peers round the knoll. Chocou turns about and finds himself face to face with Seaweed.

The Dragon's Boy Title 2

The Dragon’s Boy


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Geoffrey Alexander "KILMORY" 30 Baird Drive EDINBURGH EH12 5SA Scotland United Kingdom Telephone: +44(0)131 539 0411 gstalexander@gmail.com Alternative e-mail addresses: h1ever1body@protonmail.com enquiries@flickeringshadow.com website: www.flickeringshadow.com THE DRAGON’S BOY Length: 224 pages Script Vault Registration No: 015613 This Draft: NOVEMBER 2022 Written using Movie Magic Screenwriter



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