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    John Picking   Born 1939 Lancashire, England. After studying art at Wigan and Edinburgh he won travelling scholarships and toured first Spain and later Norway and then Italy where he lives to this day.

In Madrid he studied Bosch and after a period as a teacher he took a degree at London's prestigious Goldsmith's College. At London University he worked with the Educational Television Research Unit and later, sponsored by an American film producer, spent a year painting in Scicily.

In the small, picturesque town of Militello Rosmarin he built a purpose designed studio.

Travelling between Scicily and England he was a Senior Lecturer in Fine Art at Manchester Polytechnic and became elected as a member of the Manchester Academy of Fine Arts.

  In Scicily John established a school for artists while during visits to the United Kingdom he designed and produced television programmes for children in hospital.

In 1981 Lancastria Television produced "Il Nostro John Picking" ("Our John Picking") a documentary on his life and work in Sicily for British Television's Channel Four.

In the same year his adopted town, Militello Rosmarino, granted him Honorary Citizenship, an honour he was proud to receive, although he remarked ruefully that henceforth he was no longer a "VIP guest".

In 1990 John set up a second studio in at Clusane, on Lake Iseo Italy.

Since then he has moved his studio to nearby Corte Franca, painted in W 15th Street, New York, and held an exhibition at the Monique Goldstrom Gallery on Broadway.

John's last visit to Edinburgh was in 2006 when he visited the 'Little Sparta' poet and sculptor Ian Hamilton Finlay shortly before his death on 27 March.

John has set up a website with several galleries showing his paintings from 1955 to the present.

In 2010 Arteselezione made a video (in Italian) and Part One can be seen on YouTube.

  Menaced Landscape, Scotland 1962  
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John Picking
tribute to an unrecognised painter

John Picking Studio Siciliano.

John Picking at work on the giant mural for the town hall in Miletello Rosmarino Sant Agata Sicily

John Picking Studio Siciliano.

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    Some examples of earlier work

The Orchestra, Early work, England                 Early work, Spain                 Terrace with Children and jug 1969

Early work, Norway                 Early work, Sicily                 Early work Italy

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