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Short Films as Art

How would you like to be able to invite round your friends, settle them in comfortable seats and entertain them with a ninety minute programme of short films which you have compiled?

The short film format is arguably the most neglected and under-represented of all the art forms.

It is a mistake to imagine that a "short film" is "a-cut-down-feature" for it is a form of creative art in its own right.

Short films provide a unique vehicle for expressing ideas and visual styles;

The Internet has opened up new opportunities both for short-film makers and their audiences who, hitherto, have been deprived of their creative output except for rare film festival screenings.

Watching films on a pc or laptop can be a highly unsatisfactory experience, sitting alone, watching a three minute video which turns out to be disappointing, going back to checking emails - it is not the same as going out.

One possible solution could be a website that allows small cinemas such as those found in art galleries, pubs and private venues to compile a programme of projection-quality short films.

Sign up, subscribe, build play-lists, arrange films in sequence and download completed programmes in the required quality for large, medium or small screen.

Does such a site already exist?

The technology does.

If such sites are already out there, which is the best and why?

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